We are a community of developers that empowers students to break into the software industry.

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Put People First
Actively Take Ownership
Seek Continuous Growth
Communicate Candidly
Genuinely Give Back

Club Structure

Throughout their time in Codebase, our members take on a variety of positions. Our structure is relatively flat so that everybody has an active role in shaping our club.

Vice President

“As a VP, I’m able to spearhead different initiatives that I’m passionate about! I oversee the club’s external events and resources, help develop our close-knit community, and ensure that our projects run smoothly every semester.”

Client Project Manager

“Client PMs are at the core of our organization! We help create the overall experience for the majority of our club’s members. As team leads, we interface with industry clients, plan educational projects for our developers, and deliver complete technical products every semester.”

Client Project Developer

“The best part about being a client developer is having the ability to choose which project you want to work on. Every semester, I’m able to learn a completely new tech stack, develop for a new client, and work with a new team of students passionate about the project.”

Mentored Project Manager

“I wanted to become a mentored PM to give back to a community that’s special to me. It’s a really unique experience to develop a curriculum that helps students gain confidence in themselves and watch them grow in such a short span of time.”

Mentored Project Developer

“Being a developer in the mentored project opened up the whole new world of software engineering for me. Going through the program gave me confidence in my ability to learn and code. It also gave me the chance to meet some of the closest friends I have at Cal!”

Beyond Codebase

Our members and alumni have continued their success through internships and full-time employment across a variety of industries.